Interested tenants may contact you via the contact form. You will receive the message in the Flatfox messenger.

What can I do with the messenger?

You and the interested tenants are able to request a date for viewing the flat. You are also able to receive the debt enforcement information and the application with the contact details of the tenant.

What will happen after the viewing appointement?

Interested tenants might apply with the registration form for a flat. You will be able to select the most fitting tenants or share the registration form with your property management company. After conclusion of the rental contract you are able to select the tenant in the messenger. All other interested tenants will get an automatic message of refusal and the listing will get archived.

Which are the advantages by using the messenger?

The Flatfox messenger has been developped for an easy and fast communication. With the iPhone App you are able to communicate on the go. You have as well an overview of all interested tenants including the different viewing appointments. You or the interested tenants are able to suggest different dates for the viewing. You might prioritize the interested tenants which means you are able to mark them as favorite. After the viewing appointment you might get a lot of registration forms which will be visiable in the messenger. You are also able to see all pending contact request.