Never again Word templates for termination of the rental agreement

The digital solution for the termination of the rental agreement

Terminating flat tenancy: almost everyone has had to go through this. Formal requirements and numerous downloadable templates don't make it any easier. We have the solution!

The reasons for a move can be different, the procedure for a termination is always the same. Especially when it comes to legal matters, you should make sure in advance how to handle it. Because if there is no legally valid notice of termination, the lease is also not terminated and simply continues to run.

The digital termination of Flatfox

In order to make this step easier for tenants, we now offer our digital notice of termination. When filled out, the interactive form creates a customized termination letter free of charge and in a flash. We guide you step by step through all the important information that is required for a proper notice of termination. This ensures that no important information is forgotten. Like the garage space, for example; yes - you have to officially give notice for that, too!

All you need is 5min of time and the current rental agreement.The termination letter, by the way, is suitable for both notice and extraordinary termination. Don't worry - with our interactive form, the termination letter will comply with the formal requirements.You can print out the finished termination letter directly, download it or have it delivered by mail.

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