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Baselstrasse 63, 6003 Luzern - CHF 520 inkl. NK pro Monat

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CHF 520

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CHF 440


CHF 80


pro Monat


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5. Etage


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I am looking for someone for my room in Lucerne, which I would leave during mid/end of November. It's in the Baseltrasse 63, close to the train station (7 minutes by bus, 15-20 by feet) and from supermarkets, small food shops, take aways, and some cool bars. And it's 440.- CHF. The flat is 73 m2, the room is 10 m2. We have a Kitchen, Bathroom, and living room, and a laundry room for the building. There is a little traffic on the street at rush hours, but the flat is quiet, and the room is on the side of the backyard. The building is not new, however the flat was freshen up a year ago. There are 3-people in the flat. I just started working in Zurich so I'll be leaving very soon. With me lives Etienne, a real nice guy who works in animation. And Sophie is a lovely flat mate, who will be leaving real soon and also looks for someone new for the flat. You could come take a look around. I would propose you to come an evening during the week, or during the weekend.

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