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Naphtastrasse 4, 8005 Zürich - CHF 1.900 inkl. NK pro Monat

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CHF 1.900


pro Monat


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9. Etage






Breitband-Internet, Waschmaschine, Trockner, Geschirrspüler, Parkettboden, Parkplatz, Garage, Lift, Minergie, Balkon/Sitzplatz, Aussicht


1. November 2018



Room in luxurious shared appartment starting November 1st

We’re looking for a new roommate in our luxurious shared apartment starting November 1st. The apartment is located directly next to Prime Tower / Bahnhof Hardbrücke (Maag-Areal) in the top floor (9th floor) of the building. It is still quite new (we first moved in in 2015), has a very high standard, 4.5 rooms, 160sqm and a huge balcony. It is fully furnished. For your room you can choose if you take over furniture from your predecessor or bring your own. There are two options regarding your room: Option 1: you move into the room that’s getting freed up: roughly 25sqm incl. own bath room. Monthly rent CHF 1’900 (incl. additional charges) Option 2: Andi moves into the room that’s getting freed up and you move into his room: roughly 16sqm, monthly rent CHF 1’750 (incl. additional charges) You / us Your 2 potential roommates (Cita and Andi) are mixed female and male, both roughly 30 years old and working full time as physiotherapist and consultant. We’re very uncomplicated and easy going and have already lived in shared apartments for several years. Regarding your background we’re very open but it would be nice if we had a similar rhythm during the week. Since we’re both working we like it rather calm during the week but happy to have a few drinks on the weekend. We also like a certain minimum level of housekeeping without exaggerating. And the apartment is perfect to allow everyone as much privacy as needed while having lots of space to hang out together and to invite friends. Let us know if you’re interested to set up a visit! We’re looking forward to hearing from you Cita, Andi & Clemens

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