Post Your Rental for Free

Post Your Rental for Free

With flatfox, you post your rental for free to find a next tenant.

The listing will be published without any personal contact details. You will not receive any phonecalls or e-mails concerning the flat.

Post Rentals for Free

Promote Your Rental Listing

Use our social media channels to promote your listing. Tell us your budget and we'll do the rest.

Increase the audience for your listing further by letting us export it to other platforms.

Check Your Contact Requests

Interested parties can contact you as soon as you publish your listing. Communicate with them through our messenger, organize flat viewings and answer their questions.

Do you have enough contact requests? Pause your listing and put it online again later.

Seamless Communication

You can easily communicate an exchange documents with your applicants through our messenger. We do not publish your contact details publicly.

That way, flatfox prevents that your information can be used for fraud attempts by other people.

Digital Application Form

People that are still interested in your flat after seeing it can send you their application form via messenger.

Application forms can also be exported as PDF and forwarded to the landlord.

Confirm Next Tenant

After completing the lease, you have to confirm your next tenant in the messenger. Your listing will automatically be archived and the other applicants will receive a refusal.

You can also pause or delete your listing. The applicants will receive a refusal if you delete it.