The design of a listing has a big impact on both the search for new tenants and a quick letting process. In our most recent survey, we asked flat hunters which information in real estate listings they deem most important. Some of the results are quite surprising.

By carrying out this survey with around 450 participants, we aimed to find out the most important criteria for potential tenants when it comes to a flat listing. Unsurprisingly, images of the flat were named as the number one factor, with over 80% of participants indicating that photos of the property were crucial to their decision of whether or not to attend a viewing. A listing with appealing images attracts interest from potential tenants much more quickly than one without images. Therefore, it makes sense to invest time and financial resources into this topic, for example by engaging a professional photographer. Flatfox has recently introduced a photo service for its business customers, where they can quickly and easily order photographs of their properties, taken by professionals. 

It’s interesting and also surprising to see which rooms most people want to see pictures of. For our survey participants, the most important rooms to be featured are the kitchen (80%), the bathroom (76%) and the living room (67%). In contrast, they weren't as concerned about seeing pictures of the outside view/building (32%) and the general view (30%).

Our survey participants also attach importance to the main characteristics of the property, such as the number of rooms, the price (80%) and the exact address (57%). However, many consider the descriptive text to be only of secondary importance (44%). This leads to the conclusion that while the text should be engaging, it should be kept short and to the point. Lastly, the participants placed less importance on additional information such as floor plans or a map showing the exact location of the property. This is probably because people are already used to quickly looking up addresses on their mobiles or computers.

As a general rule, the property should be presented as attractively - but also as realistically - as possible. The listing should therefore not diverge too strongly from what the property actually looks like. Potential tenants will otherwise only be disappointed if the property doesn’t match their expectations at the viewing.

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