Frequently Asked Questions for Advertisers


What does a listing on flatfox cost? The use of flatfox is completely free! You can list as many apartments as many times you want.

Privacy Protection

Do I have to specify my exact address? Although the name of the street is mandatory, the exact house number is optional in case you would like to protect yourself from unexpected visitors.

Shall I publish contact details in my ad? Never! Don't endanger yourself by publishing contact information publicly on the internet. You are opening doors for fraudsters, hackers or other shady people.

What is the best way to protect myself?flatfox is build to bring safety into the housing market. Use flatfox's Messenger instead and don't exchange any privat contact details until you met in person.

Why shouldn't I just send my email address? Usually people get suspicious if you ask them to communicate by email. Fraudsters usually use email and telephone, because these are hard to trace.


Can I cancel my ad at any time? Yes, ads can be cancelled free of charge at any time. flatfox will automatically inform all interested parties by e-mail.

Can I place my ad on other platforms? flatfox does not claim exclusiveness. Therefore, you may place your flat-ad on other platforms. However, we recommend that you have a look at the provisions of the other platforms.

Are there any constraints for the landlord in the selection of tenants? None. flatfox merely sorts the stack of applications. The selection of tenant is yours.

Why publishing viewing dates is evil? flatfox is about saving time for everyone. While it a public viewing with 50 people might be desirable for certain advertisers - for applicants it isn't. Only one can get the flat 49 just wasted their time. Make a first selection on flatfox and only invite suitable applicants for a viewing.