Frequently Asked Questions for Tenants


What does an application cost? The use of flatfox is completely free! You can apply as many times you want.


How can I protect myself from scam? Follow one rule to protect yourself from fraud: NEVER pay an advertiser cash or transfer money, before you met him in person and visited the flat.

My Dossier

Which data do I need to provide? In your dossier you only need to enter few information (first name, surname, email address). Further information such as employer and flatmates you can register at a later time. Important: A complete profile increases your chances!

How do I manage my dossier? Under "My dossier" in the navigation bar you can decide how much information you would like to disclose about yourself.

Which of my information does the advertiser receive? The advertiser will see the information in your dossier.

Who can view the information in my dossier? The information in your dossier is only visible to advertisers for whose flat you have applied to.

Registration & Login

How do I register on flatfox as a tenant? Everything you need is an active e-mail address. After the registration you will receive a verification e-mail with which you can activate your account.

What can I do if I forgot my password? On the "Forgot your password" page you can request a new password. Please change is at your next log-in.

Data Protection

Is my data protected? We value privacy and protect your data. Your personal information is only visible to advertisers whose flat you have applied for. All traffic is encrypted and data is stored on our servers in Switzerland. You can find more information to our data protection measures in our terms and conditions.

Will my data be forwarded to third parties? No personal information will be shared with third parties.


How am I being invited to a viewing? The landlord/current tenant screens all applicants for his flat. If interested he will contact you on our Messenger and schedule an appointment for a viewing.

What if I don't like the flat after the viewing? Just remove your application. You won't have to pay anything.