Further questions

In this section we try to answer other frequent questions which do not fit in one of the other categories.

I already have a debt extract, what can I do?

You can upload your own debt extract as pdf in the application form or send it directly to the advertiser in the messenger. There is a specially section in the application form called "Documents & own debt extract" where you can add it to the application.

Are my data protected when I order a debt enforcement information through Flatfox?

Yes. Your data is protected by using encrypted data transfer. We are working with the main online payment providers. Your credit card details will not be saved. With you signature you are giving permission to Flatfox AG and Bisnode D&B to request the debt extract in the responsilbe office. Your data will be kept confidential and will only be used to fulfill the order. Bisnode D&B is only the service provider for Flatfox AG and their end users. Your data will not be distributed to third parties or used for a credit rating database or any other kind of credit disclosures.

flatfox debt extract Sample flatfox debt extract Sample