If you are interested in one of the flats you need to apply to be considered. Therefore you need to fill out the application form in your profile and sent it to the advertiser of the flat. Before applying it is required that you have seen the flat personally.

Are there any costs for the application?

The use of Flatfox for you as a tenant is completely free. You might apply for several flats with your application form and your debt enforcement information at the same time - very fast and easy.

How can I submit my application form after the viewing arrangement?

If you like the flat after the viewing you can complete the application form and send it to the advertiser in the messenger. You will get the form with an URL and a QR-Code at the viewing. The advertiser will find your personal contact details as well in this form. The advertiser will choose the most suitable person for the flat. You will be informed as soon as you get a commitment or a rejection.