How to contact the advertiser

Use the contact form on the advertisment. The advertiser will answer your request in the Flatfox messenger. 

Where are the contact details from the advertiser?

Flatfox does not publish contact details. This will prevent a lot of phone calls to the advertiser as well as saving time and avoiding stress. Furthermore it makes most cases of fraud attempts very difficult to carry out.

What's all about the Messenger?

Almost one third of the global population is using a smartphone with some kind of messenger. As every kind of messenger the Flatfox messenger helps you to communicate fast and with any kind of mobile device. This is a part of the digitalization which might help you also by searching for a new flat. The following features are integrated in our messenger:

  • Ovierview of all contacted advertisers
  • Compact and mobile - everything on the same place
  • Makes it easy to send documents and files
  • Makes frauds complicated

How can I create an alert or subscribe to a newsletter?

You are able to create an subscription on flat advertisments directly in the search. There are many different filters available from which you can choose. We will send an e-mail to you as soon as a new flat will be published according to your filter option. To delete the alert and newsletter you will need to go on your profile or directly unsubscribe on the e-mail itself.