Further questions

In this section we try to answer other frequent questions which do not fit in one of the other categories.

Do you have a Flatfox App?

Yes, you are able to download the Flatfox App for free on iTunes / Google Play Store

Why did the advertiser remove the listing?

  • The advertiser paused the listing because he/she received a lot of contact requests. After pausing the ad he/she is able to respond to every contact request by taking his/her time.  
  • The advertiser was able to rent the flat in a different way. You will receive a message as soon as the advertiser deleted the listing or has chosen a new tenant. 

May Flatfox help me to find a flat?

Flatfox is not the owner of the flats. The advertiser decides who will get the flat. We try to make your search easier and faster but we are not able to influence the final decision. 

May I send my contact details to the advertiser per message?

Of course you are able to send your personal contact details. We recommend that you only send your contact details after meeting the advertiser personally. Please contact us immediatly if you receive any kind of payment request from the advertiser. Do not follow his/her instructions. We have the possibility to inform other interested parties and to check the listing against fraud attempt.