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Together with Helvetia, we offer you a household insurance, insuring your belongings against damages, loss and burglary at original value. We also have you covered in case of damages to your electronic devices or your sports equipment, both at home and outside your home.
Theft & Burglary
You are insured for theft & burglary at home or outside your home.
Fire & Water Damages
Optimal insurance in case of fire or water inside your home.
Self-inflicted Damages
If you drop your phone or laptop, the items are replaced at original value.

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We offer you 3 household insurance options: Single, Couple & Family. All options cover the same damages, but differ in their total insurance sum.

Price per year
261.- 397.- 478.-
Insured amount for fire & water damages at home and burglary
60’000.- 100’000.- 140’000.-
Insured amount for theft and self-inflicted damages
2’000.- 3’000.- 3’000.-
Same deductible for all incidents
200.- 200.- 200.-
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Product Highlights

Household contents are insured at their original value.
Fire & water damages, elementary incidents, as well as burglary and theft are covered.
Self-inflicted damages such as losing or breaking your electronic devices (e.g phone or laptop) are insured. For all members of your household.
Burglary outside your home (e.g hotel room, friend's house) is covered up to 20% of total household insurance sum.
Subsequent costs resulting from insured damages (i.e. clean up of damage site) are covered up to 20% of total insurance sum.
Key service is included with no extra fee up to CHF 1000.- (in case access to residence is not possible).

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This product is 100% provided by Helvetia, so your damages are covered by one of the most trusted insurances in Switzerland. flatfox only provides the handling of the order process.

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