About us

Flatfox is an IT company specialized in the real estate market. In addition to its own real estate marketplace, which is oriented towards potential tenants, Flatfox also offers self-developed services and digital products for commercial real estate brokers, managers and administrators.

Year founded: 2012
Number of employees: 15 (as of 2019)
Location: Zurich

Our Mission

Flatfox revolutionizes the Swiss housing market. With a free marketplace and smart tools, we digitize the rental process and efficiently combine the needs of providers and prospective tenants in one place.

Flatfox is smart

We create digital solutions that make life easier for the players in the housing market. The foundation for this is provided by our many years of experience in the real estate sector, combined with the technological expertise of an established IT company.

Flatfox is agile

We closely observe what landlords and tenants require today and translate their needs into up-to-date, practical tools. Our creativity and innovative strength ensure that we keep pace with the dynamics of the market, society and technology.

Flatfox is target-oriented

We are constantly developing our products to give our users a competitive edge and speed up the rental process. This is made possible by our methodical approach and our focus on functionality and efficiency.


Yulyana Alp Customer Success
Anita Anliker Marketing & Communications
Bettina Bachmann Customer Success
Artur Chruściel Mobile Developer
Selina Emmanouil Marketing & Communications
Andreas Grimm Customer Success
Markus Jost Customer Success
Bernhard Mäder Co-Founder
Karolina Pielka Web Developer
Mattia Regi Co-Founder
Silvan Spross Co-Founder
Fabian Stutz Co-Founder
Ursina Wirz Marketing & Communications
Jenny Wyss Marketing & Business Development


Constantin Schrafl
Adrian Bührer
Dieter Sommer
Bernhard Mäder
Mattia Regi