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Why is flatfox different

You won't find any rental listings with contact details, email or viewing dates. Tenants apply online and communicate securely in our dedicated messenger. This is how we prevent hopeless viewings, strangers in your home. Easy, efficient and secure - for all parties.

Our Mission

flatfox strives to build a technical ecosystem for Europe’s apartment rental market. It is easy to use, empowering people to bring transparency into one of society's most fundamental markets.

Real estate is one of the last sectors that hasn’t been transformed by data and technology. Still supply and demand for flat rentals meets trough simple classifieds listings. Dozens of people queuing in front of flats, fraudulent ads, phone calls. 380 thousand people a year relocate in Switzerland alone - a huge administrative hustle for real estate agents, owners and every individual. An enormous waste of time for the whole economy.

To solve this, flatfox built an end-to-end solution for rentals. Tenants, brokers and real estate agents - all shall communicate and exchange documents on one single platform. No paperwork, no queuing for viewings, no running around for credit reports or references - saving time is the heart of this new ecosystem. Implemented in a messenger-like application flatfox moderates the process for all parties.

From search to signature - all connected.

From tenants for tenants - that's the team building flatfox

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