Ordering the debt enforcement information

You are able to order your debt enforcement information through Flatfox and share in the messenger with the advertisers.  

How long does it take to receive the debt enforcement information after processing the order?

The debt enforcement information will be provided by the relevant office and will be send online. The average time normally is less than one day. Nevertheless the processing time depends on the relevant office and therefore it could take up to two days.

How much does it costs to use the online dept enforcement information through Flatfox?

Ordering the dept enforcement information is an additional service provided by Flatfox. It costs CHF 29.90 per person. The dept extract costs regularly CHF 17. We are providing the possibility to receive the from digitally and certified which means more efforts from our side. These efforts are the digital execution through the eSchKG interface, credit card costs, delivery costs and VAT.