Searching for a flat

You are able to search for a flat by entering a location or by using several other filter options.

Who is advertising on Flatfox?

The flats belong to private owners or are managed by property management companies. 

Advertisers could be a private person such as the current tenant or the owner of the flat as well as a property management company.

How can I get more information about the flat?

You are able to contact the advertiser directly to get more information about the flat and to arrange a viewing appointment. To get in touch with the advertiser you need to click on the orange box "Contact advertiser" on the flat advertisment. 


You are able to search by location and type, number of rooms, size or total cost of rent. On top of your search results you will see always the newest flats, as long as you have not chosen another search option. Sharing the flat on Social Media is always possible.