What advantages do I have with Flatfox compared to other large real estate platforms?

Unlike other real estate platforms, Flatfox combines all contact requests across all platforms in one system, Flatfox Messenger. There you have an overview, can inform all interested parties about the viewing date at the same time by means of automated answers or cancel if you have found a new tenant. Tenant and property data are automatically synchronized. Flatfox thus makes the entire letting process significantly more efficient through digital processing.

With Flatfox you receive a digital registration form, which you can adapt according to your desires. Interested parties send their data and documents digitally, and the debt collection statement can also be ordered digitally. 

In addition, Flatfox offers interfaces to your existing (REM) systems and other real estate platforms, which makes it very easy to compare objects and data.

What features does Flatfox offer me?

A detailed description of Flatfox Business can be found here: flatfox.ch/business