Flatfox Rebranding - a homage to the versatility of flats

14.02.2023, Anaïs Frisano

Switzerland rents here
Flatfox – Switzerland rents here

Flatfox presents itself in a new look! Our rebranding retains the iconic orange, but new colours and shapes are being added in 2023. One element in particular is close to our hearts. The floor plan, each unique, symbolises for us the versatility of Swiss flats and their residents. We are excited that this element will be an important part of our visual identity from now on.

The floor plan - The unique foundation of every flat 

A property can serve many purposes: A home, a place where dreams are realised, or an office where work is done every day. But what makes each property unique is its floor plan. Like a human fingerprint, each floor plan is one of a kind and, in our eyes, reflects the individual character of a property. Since we at Flatfox come into contact with property listings of all kinds throughout the year, it is this very personal touch that gives our work its special charm.

Each flat as unique as its residents and their stories

As unique as the character of a property is, so individual are the residents and their stories. These individual flats and their residents are the foundation of our company. We love flats! Flatfox was born out of the idea of founding a real estate platform by tenants for tenants. This closeness to the real estate marketplace has remained with our now successful prop tech company to this day, and we remain committed to further expanding our digital real estate platform true to our values - smart, convenient and efficient.

Flatfox anchors the variety in its brand with the floor plan

Flatfox is proud of the diversity that the Swiss real estate market offers. We celebrate properties of all shapes, colours and sizes. As the smart choice around renting, we pay tribute to the unique and diverse stories of each flat. That's why the floor plan is now an important part of our visual brand communication. 

Switzerland rents here - at Flatfox you will find your new home in the middle of the country's diversity and stories.