and Flatfox for cross-tool work

Selina Emmanouil, 22 December 2020

Unread notifications at Flatfox are integrated into the navigation of and allow seamless collaboration. and Flatfox enable cross-tool work for managers "understands" tenant concerns automatically and collects all the necessary information for processing and resolving them. Flatfox enables digital leasing. Together, and Flatfox make the work of real estate professionals easier. The aim of this interface is for managers to have an overview of their open pending issues at all times, regardless of the environment in which they are located.

The digital tool understands tenant concerns automatically "understands" tenant concerns and ensures that all necessary information for processing and resolution is captured right from the start. For this purpose, accompanies the entire reporting process and asks the right questions at the right time. Tenants are thus enabled to formulate their concerns at professional craftsman level, so that no queries arise for the management. The effort for processing and solving is massively reduced. If desired, concerns can also be intelligently automated for further processing.

Simplify everyday work in management with different tools and Flatfox synchronise the display of their notifications for the managers. In a first step, all notifications from Flatfox are integrated into the navigation. In a second step, the synchronisation takes place in the opposite direction. This extension saves the manager from having to navigate between two different tools and makes the management of rental properties and processing of tenant notifications clearer and more user-friendly. The common customer VIVAREAL is already benefiting from the integration. In the spring, the managers of the PRIVERA AG be able to call up and process the notifications from Flatfox in Further integrations will be evaluated at a later date, based on customer needs.

Integration into the navigation of the tools

Free additional service for property managers

Mutual integration is an additional service that is free of charge for both sides. The focus is on the joint customers. Together, and Flatfox would like to make the work of property managers easier and more efficient with this free, integrated service. "We understand as an open system that integrates itself into the everyday life of property management. We are looking forward to continuing our joint cooperation with the Flatfox team in the future," says Philipp Meisel, CEO and founder of This interface for the mutual exchange of notifications is open to other service providers.