Flatfox offers a photo service for business customers

Through Flatfox you will soon be able to engage professional photographs with Backbone's photo service.

Flatfox offers a photo service for business customers

Flatfox now offers a photo service for business customers. The design of the listing and above all, the selected images have a great influence on the quick letting process of a property. Using Flatfox, you can now engage professional photographers through a photo service provided by Backbone.

First impressions count – especially when it comes to real estate. Within a tenth of a second, people are able to make an accurate judgement. Therefore it is vital that a listing is completed with relevant, high quality images. These, in turn, contribute to a speedier letting of the property.

Receive high quality images within a short time

Getting your hands on professional photographs of your rental properties has just become much easier and faster with Flatfox. Flatfox now offers business customers the possibility to order a photo service provided by Backbone Photo directly via the marketing button in their Flatfox account. Two different options are available. The "Flatpack" offers 10 different photos of your object, whereby the photographer spends 1 hour on location. The "Villapack" includes 20 images, which are shot within 1.5 hours by a professional photographer engaged by Backbone. The images are sent to you within 48 hours and can be directly included in your listing, leaving prospective tenants with a positive impression.  

Would you like to receive more detailed information about our photo service? Markus Jost is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Backbone was founded by three photo lovers and today, has evolved into a community of talents with a flair for art and high quality photography. Visual content is produced in collaboration with certified professionals.